#thebearscave Is the Ultimate Creative and Functional Kids Bedroom

The Perfect Rugs to Your Kids Bedroom Design

#thebearscave Is the Ultimate Creative and Functional Kids Bedroom – Interior designers Carla Barconte and Ludmila Drudi, of Estudio Plök, and architect Mariana Paccieri joined forces to design a fun and inspiring bedroom for kids called #thebearscave. Designed for Casa Foa 2018, Argentina’s most prestigious architecture and interior design trade show, the cave-like bedroom, named #thebearscave, removes all technology leaving behind a space for a child to have fun and to use their imagination. Deprived of their technological goods, the kids in there are able to reach way beyond than they ever thought.



Diagonal wood floors continue up the wall at a slant on one side with wooden panels covering the other wall and the bed structure on the other side.



Inspired by nature, the room features a bear on top of a mountain with a bed nestled inside a cave. A ladder inside the “cave” leads up to the mountaintop where there’s another bed. A corner desk becomes a place to play toys with the bear overlooking from above.



The rest of the bed structure, which is made with two wooden textures, houses a closet and storage. A climbing wall next to the bed offers another access point to the upper deck.



A third bed is hidden under the cave bed for an additional guest.



Functionality was the motto when designing this bedroom, making every square inch suitable for the child’s needs and imagination.


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