Check Out this Inspiring School Project by Bjarke Ingels Group

Back in 2017, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) revealed plans for a new micro-school in new york. now, almost a year later, the first photographs of the project have been revealed ahead of the new term. According to the group, the design for WeGrow — the first school of office-sharing brand WeWork — seeks to ‘undo the compartmentalization often found in traditional school environments and reinforces the significance of engaging kids in an interactive environment’. This remarkable interior design project proves that children can also take advantage of a proper design. 




Conceived as a ‘school universe at the level of the child’, the interior comprises a field of super-elliptic objects, which together, form a ‘learning landscape that’s dense and rational — yet free and fluid.’ modular classrooms, tree houses, and a vertical farm have been designed by BIG to promote an inclusive and collaborative learning environment. Meanwhile, acoustic clouds, natural materials, and neutral colors hope to create a calm setting focused study.



Rebekah Neumann, WeWork’s founding partner, and chief brand officer describe WeGrow as ‘a new conscious, entrepreneurial school committed to unleashing every child’s superpowers.’ ‘we hope to reimagine the very idea of a classroom as elementary school-age children begin to identify their callings and apprentice under employees and members already living that dream,’ says neumann. ‘curriculums will be created around meaningful local cultures and environments so that learning can be hands-on and experiential.’



Now open, the first WeGrow is located in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood and will welcome children ages 3 through 9, adding ages 2 and older next year. The school, which has multiple scholarship programs available, is open to WeWork members, employees, and local communities.




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