The Best Toy Boxes to Improve your Kids Bedroom Decor

Find the top 5 unique toy boxes every kid will want to have. Toy boxes that are authentic pieces of art that not only are great for storage but also are great decoration pieces for the kids bedroom decor.




This is really great and creative toy storage box for the child’s bedroom. The lego piece in a blue colour makes it possible to keep the toys of your child stored and will create an organized and cold atmosphere in the room.



The Gold Toybox, designed by Circu, is inspired by the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world. A special “reliquary” that kids can also use to hide their precious goods and to keep safe their secrets and stories.



The Camper Van by Fun Furniture Collection is a great piece for adventurous kids that are also enthusiastic about cars. This piece can be customed with the colours your kid choose, for example, to combine with the rest of the bedroom decoration.



Besides being a toy box, this piece also serves as a bench. A 2 in 1 combination for your princess bedroom.



This piece is an authentic nautical addition to your kid’s room. Not only is a toy box, but also a bench. The shape of a boat can also make this a great piece for a play station and let your kid’s creativity sail.


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