Kids Bedroom Trends: The Best Trends to Follow this Summer

Summer is right around the corner, so it is time to freshen up the kids’ bedroom with the latest décor trends. Today we bring you the best Kids Bedroom Trends to inspire you this summer. Discover them below!




A nautical room theme may be a great suggestion for a cool kids summer room. The mix of navy and red brings exactly that feel and it gives you plenty of ideas for a DIY and furniture upcycle. Add some sailboats to the decor and perhaps a compass. Here all the details matter when providing a nautical room décor.



In this case, a deep sea wall art will bring the freshness of water inside the kids’ room. Very simple and yet very creative with these small items that make all the difference. Plus, the mirrors look like ship mirrors, very clever! The patterned bedding cuts the excess of sea-related items but keeps the colour hues. The wood bed drawers bring an industrial marine feel to the modern bed.



You can simply add marine animals stuffed animals or décor to bring a subtle summer touch to the room if you don’t want to transform the whole room. From whales to sea stars and shells, the ideas are endless!



For a more subtle marine décor, add a simple pattern wallpaper in just one of the walls, for example, the anchors’ wallpaper on the image. The subtle touches of navy colour aren’t very flashy, so the predominance of white brings the summer vibes inside the bedroom. This room is the perfect space for a big family where the kids can spend all summer relaxing.



This room has a very subtle wavy pattern that brings the sea feels inside the room. the Bun Van brings the summer travelling vibe inside the room. The surfboard adds a cool vibe to the décor, making this room the perfect one for adventurous surfer kids!



Because summer also means tropical, this décor is perfect for a summer room. The pop of colour and mix of styles bring a laid-back style to the décor. Super tasteful!



To the true mermaid kiddos out there, adding a shell bed to the room will be the ultimate summer décor. The Little Mermaid bed is the perfect piece for a summer room décor!


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