Interior Design For Kids: How to Design The Perfect Playroom

One of the perks of being a kid is that you can play all day. Either it is in or outdoors, there’s always a lot of things kids can do to entertain themselves. But one thing’s for certain: nobody likes to see their homes in a mess. Hence the creation of a very important concept in interior design, the kid’s playroom. A place where they can be themselves and create the mess they want without being bothered. Today, we’ll give you some very cool interior design for kids tips to create the perfect playroom design. Chances are, both you and the kids will love it!



Start with the Walls



For a kids playroom, the ideal is to get a bright, pastel-coloured wallpaper. It will give you more flexibility in the remaining decor and it will improve the child’s mood, creating a mellow vibe.


The Lighting



Since you went with a light wallpaper, a white suspension lamp is the next thing to get. The light will be joyful and bright, and it will bring a luxury touch to the decor.


A Celestial Desk



Having a desk in a playroom might seem a bit of a stretch, but trust us, it works. To have your kid doing his school chores in an environment that makes him feel good will boost his creativity and his grades will most certainly take off!


A Cloudy Rug



Once they get on the aeroplane, the very next thing they’ll want to do is to touch the clouds. And for that, a comfy rug is the ideal. In that way, they can take off their shoes and have a comfy, cotton-candy like feeling from the rug, the same way they think clouds feel like.


An Out of This World Mirror



Taking off on an aeroplane mustn’t be good for the hair. They’ll need a mirror to check their hairdo. But it could have some sort of magical mirror where they could check out how they look and catch up with their favourite cartoons at the same time?  What kind of sorcery is that? Well, none, just Circu’s magical work. This piece is perfect for every kid’s playroom, and it is a creative solution regarding mirrors.


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A Cool Chalk Board



Kids have a huge attraction to write on the walls. They feel like there’s no limit to their creativity, and, for them, the world is their canvas. The best way to corner this problem is to get them a cool chalkboard for them to write and draw as they please. Plus, it’s super easy to clean it afterwards!


The Perfect Swing to Chill Out



Instead of getting a plain, boring, motionless chair, get the kids a swing chair. They’ll love the idea, thus is the perfect place to relax after a long day and to pick up their favourite books and just swing around for the rest of the day.


An Awesome Tent



An awesome tent like this one will make your kids feel like they’re the first trailblazers to set foot in the Americas. It is also a great way to teach the kids about the different cultures around the world, which is something children are often quite fond of.


A Cool Rocking Chair



A fluffy rocking chair is a great option to help your kids to coordinate their movements, especially for the wee ones. It’s comfortable, stable and it will look great with the rest of the decor.


A Golden Toy Crate



Everybody loves gold, especially children. It’s bright, it’s shiny and it brings a luxury accent to any decor. A gold-bar shaped toy creat will make their toys look even more precious!


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