Kids Bedroom Ideas: 8 Awesome Furniture Pieces for Little Mermaids

Every proper little mermaid has to have her own (big) little kingdom. We owe it to them, to build them their own safe-space where they make their own rules. It’s the safest, most stylish way to build their self-esteem and confidence in themselves. With the hope to help you on this tremendous task, we’ve selected 8 exclusive luxury furniture pieces to build the kingdom your wee little mermaid deserves. Get ready for a ton of hugs after these amazing kids bedroom ideas!





Little girls love mermaids. It’s a fact. In fact, kids usually love everything about the ocean. They love the little fishes, the colourful jellyfish, and, like every single human being on earth, they love penguins. So, it’s not a stretch to say they love mermaids, especially if they see the Disney blockbuster. Anyway, we’ve found the perfect bed for those little girls who aspire to become the queens of the ocean. Little Mermaid, by Circu, is the right choice for little girls decor, as it makes them dream about Atlantis, sunken castles and pearls (until they get their own pearl necklace, of course).



But what if she doesn’t look down the ocean, but up in the sky? How many times have you seen kids just lying on the grass, looking at clouds, without a care in the world? Hence this amazing best-seller by Circu. But, instead of changing its shape, like a regular cloud, it changes its colour! How cool is that?



Every mermaid needs a proper table to make her artwork. If you’re following a theme in her bedroom, the best thing you can do is to get a white table. It will go super well it the rest of the decor and it will make her kingdom even brighter.



And where shall she seat, you ask? How about this furry wee stool? Its incredible design will make your mermaid float in the ocean, due to its transparent legs. It’s perfect for every decor, either you’re following a theme or not.


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Now, this sideboard is perfect for those little girls who are crazy about pink. The Diamond pink buffet, by Boca do Lobo is the perfect first diamond for little girls. She can store her most precious toys and shine bright like diamonds in the sky (yes, we just quoted Rihanna).



What’s the point in saying that she’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen if she can’t see it for herself? And don’t even come up with those boring, regular mirrors. If you want your little girl to feel like the princess she is, you have to give her a proper mirror. We’ve chosen the Pink Chameleon mirror, by Circu, due to its Victorian vibe, incarnating the royalty feeling like no other.



Now, this is a proper rug for a little girl’s bedroom. The Rosary rug, by Rug’Society, has it all. It’s pink, it’s comfy, and it’s modern. Just place it under her sketching table and stool, and she’ll be super happy about the overall look. And you too, of course.



Last, but not least, a proper side table for her bed, where she can put her teddy bear when she wakes up. The Zaragoza table, by Boca do Lobo, will bring the room a sense of design and luxury that most side tables fail to deliver.


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