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Interior Design inspirations: a Beautiful Fairy-themed Girl’s Bedroom


Interior Design inspirations: a Beautiful Fairy-themed Girl’s Bedroom projected by Rafaela Borges Interiors and rendered by Tamires Arquitetura.

Rafaela Borges, Brazilian Interior Designer, Architect and founder of her own interior design studio, projected this beautiful work for a little girl’s bedroom full of magical elements. Together with Tamires Marques from Tamires Arquitetura, the render of this amazing project, the end result was this incredible bedroom that reminds us of an enchanted place that Tinkerbell would absolutely love.

To create this lovely interior, all of its elements needed to match the magical look they were going for, and so by using pinks combined with light green tones, a very preppy combination, the bedroom looks so fresh and airy. In this project, the usage of elements to incorporate nature, like the flowers in the wallpaper is another technique that completely transformed this bedroom into a fairytale-like space.

However, the most eye-catching and iconic piece of luxurious furniture in this project, is with no doubt, the beautiful bed. This single bed went through an incredible upgrade by just having the climbing plants full of foliage, on the corners of the bed and reaching the ceiling. This small detail and addition made this bed and the whole room, in general, look more into the fairytale theme, something dreamy and not less than appropriate for a kid who dares to dream.

For lighting, which is a very important detail when planning luxury interiors, a single table lamp was chosen for the bedside table, but the most eye-catching piece is the stunning suspension lamp that adorns the middle of this bedroom.

Planning luxurious interiors and dreamy bedrooms for kids, where they feel like their fairytale stories are coming to life, is never an easy task and this amazing duo just showed how simple touches on the decor can totally make a difference when creating a Fairy-themed Girl’s Bedroom.


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