Creative Wallpapers For Kids Bedrooms That Will Turn any Wall into Art

Designing a child’s bedroom is probably one the best parts of becoming a parent. In a kids bedroom decor, you can really let all your imagination and creativity flow with virtually no boundaries. Well, except for the safety issues and all the pragmatic stuff of course. Many parents out there are concerned about the health implications of painting the walls. The smell, the particles, the agents. It’s a lot to consider. As such, wallpapers are quite a popular choice amongst both new and recurring parents. Today, we’re showing you some awesome solutions to solve your decorator’s block (yes, it’s a thing) with some ideas for Wallpapers For Kids Bedrooms. Check them out!




This incredibly sophisticated wallpaper by Rug’Society aims to bring a Japanese vibe to your child’s bedroom decor. Its soft shades and tropical flowers and birds will keep it a gender-neutral decor, while it won’t deprive the room of a magic and whimsical touch.



If you want to keep the childish vibe, then look for a ”hand draw” wallpaper. This cloudy one would look perfect in a Scandinavian decor!



If clouds aren’t really your thing (or you simply find them boring as hell), perhaps dancing figures, like this on this wallpaper, is more up your alley. Complete the look with some raw wood, a patterned rug, and some paper ceiling lamps and you got yourself a simple, yet striking design.


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If your child is more into animals, then look for a wallpaper that can give you both style and function, Function, that is, making your kid happy, of course. This one is a great example of such. The dark background contrasting with the colorful critters and light flora.



But if you prefer lighter ambiances, then probably one with a white background is a better choice. It’s the perfect decor solution for a room with big windows.



Or you can just go with a bold approach and pick a wallpaper with big and conspicuous elements. We just love this floral one, which is perfect for any little princess out there. This wallpaper goes incredibly well with some rustic, Victorian furniture.



This green, vintage-looking wallpaper goes super well with an industrial style decor. It accents the brick wall and the rusty-looking chair.


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