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Celebrity Homes – What if We designed Drake’s Son Bedroom?

Celebrity Homes – What if We designed Drake’s Son Bedroom? ⇒ Well, we all saw how obnoxiously spectacular Drake’s palatial manor is. But unfortunately, Adonisbedroom was kept out of focus, so we can only guess the lavishing interiors Drake used to pamper his ultra-cute offspring. Well, if it was up to us, we sure know how we would design his room.

We’re thinking of something royal to elevate the status of the king of Billboard’s son. Something where fantasy reigns, like Drake’s world. And something unique, fitting to someone who likes to brake his own barriers and follow his own path, regardless of trends and opinions. Have you guessed it yet?


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Here she is, the muse that would inspire this virtual project. This project, by Ekaterina Zabegina, was made for a young boy who dreamt about the sky. Could this fit Adonis Graham better? Fantasy, luxury, dreams, uniqueness. This is the exact keywords we use to describe this project and to describe Drake‘s lifestyle. And those are the key things one must bring to young Adonisbedroom




How would we do it? With the following pieces, of course…


The Fantasy Air Balloon would take the show’s spotlight. Its unique design, materials and details would make young Adonis travel to his wildest dreams and fantasies while maintaining the exclusive look someone of his status needs. The golden detailing would mirror his father’s lifestyle and would encourage him to follow his footsteps and becoming as successful as his ancestor.



The Cotton Candy Sofa would create the best spot for some daddy-son bounding time. It’s comfortable enough you can spend the whole day sitting on it, and stylish enough to fit on any decor possible and imaginable. Imagine what it must feel like being sung lullabies by Drake while sitting on this exclusive piece of furniture…



Ok, this is an easy one. All the array of colours brought to you by Cloud Lamp’s RGB light is a good enough reason to insert in his and anyone’s bedroom. Soft to the touch, he can even feel how it is like to touch a real cloud. The built-in speaker will allow him to stream his daddy’s biggest hits.



The Puzzled Bookcase is a must in every setting. Its immense storage space allows parents to keep the room tidy and perfect at all times and provides you with enough space to exhibit your child’s most precious tokens and achievements. And, in the case of Adonis, they must be numerous…


An alternative to the Puzzled Bookcase, or an addition to it, for all that matters, would be the Fantasy Air Bookcase Limited Edition. It matches perfectly with the Fantasy Air Balloon, and its luxurious finishings add an extra exclusive look to the whole setting.


Since the daddy has his own indoors basketball court (and what an incredible one), it would only be fair that Adonis has his own indoor jungle gym. The Bubble Gum Playground offers him just that, outdoor fun with indoor safety. Its unique design pops immediately to the eyes of the most distracted person in the world.


Nobody wants to chase their kids around to make sure they aren’t drawing and sketching all over the walls and furniture. So, why not giving them FURNITURE MADE FOR BEING SCRATCHED ON? The Illusion Table gives you just that, and more. Adonis could explore all of his inherited creativity without his father having to worry about any major damages…


Of course, this post isn’t entirely made thinking only about Drake and his son. This article is in fact made while thinking about all the designers, parents and design lovers who seek inspirations from celebrities lifestyle. And specially made for all of you who are struggling with any projects and need an inspirational boost to help them achieve the design they have always dreamed of.


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