Nursery Room Design Blessed with Fantasy and Dreams


This ambience is the zenith of fantasy being transported inside a child’s nest. Comfort and design walk hand by hand in this ambience, a proof that unique pieces can be functional too.


On this Neo-Classic ambience, the Fantasy Air Balloon sets the mood to a fantasy world only achievable by the child’s dreams and imagination. The contrast between the gold and the white finishings in this one of a kind bed add an exclusive feeling to the nursery room design. The Fantasy Air Balloon works perfectly in any nursery room, as it is a piece that was designed to easily be converted into either a crib, a bed and a sofa.

To add more personality and to customize a bit more the nursery room, a Graphic Letter Lamp was added next to the Air Balloon as an extra source of light. The funky design of this unique, mid-century modern lamp adds a youthful vibe to the decor as well as a pop of colour into a rather neutral palette.

To add more color to this setting, Cloud Lamps were the light fixture chosen to the design. Due to its RGB light, the Cloud Lamps‘ ability to shift colors and shades make it a must in any fantasy-inspired bedroom. Its soft and fluffy material adds some extra comfort to the room.

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