Modern Playroom Design with Pastel Colored Furniture


This modern playroom design features all the important characteristics one should have: fun, functional and colorful furniture. All the pieces serve a purpose, to provide the child with the best possible experience while playing indoors.


This ambience proves to you that a playroom design doesn’t have to be plain, or look cheap. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to design a playroom, but that doesn’t mean you’ll instantly find the right one. In our suggestion, the walls were kept minimal and uncluttered, with the Bubble Gum Mirror being the only colour pop on the walls. As for the furniture chosen for this ambience prime with their designs, functionality and soft shades. The Rocky Rocket assumes one of the main roles in this setting but in white and blue. This color option allows the piece to merge perfectly with the Bubble Gum Collection.

The Bubble Gum collection adds modernity and youthfulness to the room. Its clean and circular lines provide comfort and fantasy, thus creating the perfect setting for the child. There are plenty of seating areas in the room, with the Cotton Candy and the Rainbow Sofas, not to mention the Rocky Rocket, which gives the child more than enough space to entertain their friends.

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