Modern Playroom Design with Bright Colours

Modern Playroom Design with Bright Colours


A modern playroom design suited to fulfil the child’s every need. Neutral shades take over the overall look, while well-thought pops of bright colours keep the room fun and youthful enough for a child to spend time in it.


In this ambience, we can see how modern trends mix and match well with the core principles of designing for children. Fun furniture with geometrical shapes, texture-rich materials and sleek finishings are some of the main characteristics when picking furniture for a modern approach.

As such, the Bubble Gum Desk works wonders in here, as its oblong shapes add the geometric feel to the whole setting, while its clean, sleek lacquered finishing add brightness and glitter to the design. The Little Bunny chair here works both as a simple desk chair and as a vessel of creativity and youthfulness in the setting. Its texture-rich material brings comfort to the design, and its customized colour option adds yet another playful colour pop to the design.

The Decals on the wall are too a perfectly good alternative to hanging artwork. We all know how children love to play and touch with everything, and it prevents the child from braking it and even cutting itself with the broken pieces. As for a lighting source, the Graphic B Letter (which can be any letter by the way) add a mid-century modern vibe to the room, while keeping it youthful enough to be suited for a child/pre-teen.

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