Modern Kids Bedroom Design with Neutral Tones


This gender-neutral Kids Bedroom primes with its neutral color pallete with soft color pops and geometrical shapes.


This modern project by 2Deco Studio shows how whimsical and quirky a child’s bedroom should be. This incredible interior design studio primes with their unique modern design solutions in incredibly intricate projects.

The Cloud Lamps and the Moon Rug create a night time atmosphere vibe which adds comfort and fantasy to the design. The little house-like bed gives the child its own small real estate where it can dictate its own rules and fulfil its fantasies unbothered by the real world.



The cluster of clouds in the ceiling create an amusing atmosphere of wonder, adding fantasy to a bedroom where geometrical lines and shapes prime. The Clouds also provide an extra source of colour, as its RGB Light and Bluetooth connection allows the child and parents to pick any shade they want. To make it even better, the clients can even play their favourite tunes on the clouds due to their speakers,

The house-shaped bed is yet another highlight in this setting. These sort of beds are quite en vogue nowadays and this is yet another project where these beds show why’s that. The bed creates a nook perfectly comfortable for a child to hang out and feel safe, at the same time that gives them a sense of ownership.

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