Modern Girls Bedroom Design by Kalender Söylemez


This incredible modern girls bedroom was designed by Kalender Söylemez. The bedroom features neoclassic elements, such as the framing on the wall, mixed with modern details and color schemes. The pastel pink bed is one of the highlights of this room, as it provides a soft color pop to the whole setting. A large, enchanted forest-themed wallpaper behind the bed’s headboard provides the fantasy and youthfulness that a young girls’ bedroom should and must have.

The sofa is yet another highlight on this setting, as its contemporary lines and neutral color add comfort to the bedroom. The crown jewel of this bedroom is the swing chair. Swing chairs are quite en vogue nowadays, as they provide you with the ultimate chill-out spot in every room, should it be a kids bedroom or not. This one is white and in round shape, which goes accordingly with the whole room theme and concept.



As we look across the room, we find the kids study area. A modern, white kids desk sets the mood for a contemporary study area, with golden bookshelves atop. The biggest highlight in this area is, without any doubt, the desk chair. A fluffy, comfortable chair with angel wings in the back add extra fantasy and youthfulness to an already whimsical setting. The golden accents in this part of the bedroom add an extra luxurious and modern vibe to the bedroom, as well as a feminine touch. The geometrical rug placed under the bed also provides the bedroom with an extra modern motif.

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