Kids Bedroom Inspirations – TOL’KO Interior’s Adjacent Bedrooms

Kids Bedroom Inspirations – TOL’KO Interior’s Adjacent Bedrooms ⇒ Designed for a young family in the heart of Moscow, this 230 m2 colourful flat is incredibly rich on textures and style. The interesting open plan on the design allows the family to spend more and more time together and it gives a sense of freedom and comfort. The two kids bedrooms in the project are adjoined, a smart solution that guaranteed that they’re never left alone and can share a fair amount of time on their own adventures together.




This boys bedroom is an exciting space filled with bespoke furniture that’s designed to promote the adventurous physical play.



The kids’ beds are stacked right up to the roof, where another bunk is suspended as a second-level play space. Gymnastic rings hang from a run of monkey bars across the ceiling.



Of course, there must be a place to take care of homework too though, and this kid’s study is a light and comfy spot to hit the books.



The desk is amalgamated with a column of recessed shelving, which slots in at the end of a closet wall. A doorway in the centre of the closets accesses an adjoining girls bedroom. A set of sliding doors can be closed when required.



House shaped beds and a clock tower build a fun-sized street scene in this kids’ room. The clock tower climbs up to a cosy play space on the second level of the largest house bed.

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