Gender-Neutral Shared Bedroom with Framed Beds


This incredible gender-neutral shared bedroom proves how easy it is to have multiple children inhabit the same space without having any mess or compromising on style and quality.


This unique project, by the architect Mustafa Emnaina highlights the uniqueness of children in a shared bedroom. The first thing that pops it one’s eye is the framed beds. Framed beds are quite en vogue nowadays as they are making a comeback to the design world. No more of the plywood, cheap, framed beds, but thought-to-detail ones. The top part of these beds is made of wood, while the bottom is made using a basket-weaving technique. This feature adds architectonic features to the bedroom and a touch of craftsmanship, which makes it unique.

Speaking of architectonic features, the wall behind these unique beds is sculpted around its roofs, with some starlight-like LED lights which adds a magical atmosphere to the whole setting, proper for a child’s bedroom. The light blue palette helps keeping the room gender-neutral, while keeping it youthful enough. The two suspension lamps are yet another highlight to this bedroom, as its resembles to clouds, which add more fantasy to the already stellar decor.

Another highlight in this bedroom is the kids study are. This corner maintains the space’s language, as wood is the focused material here. A minimalist approach was used in this corner, to keep the room gender-neutral and to avoid having too much going on in just one space.

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