Free Ebook Alert – 15 best Interior Designers for Kids In America

Free Ebook Alert – 15 best Interior Designers for Kids In America ⇒ The United States has always been one of the world’s strongest market in the design industry. From Frank Lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry, the US have largely contributed to the design and architecture world throughout the years. The demands of the internal market are at an all-time high as people are beginning to realize that a house is more than a home – it’s your personal retreat, a safe haven. One of the most complex rooms in the house is the kids’ bedroom. All the safety measures that have to be taken into consideration plus comfort and play space is a pack of variables that make this equation incredibly tricky.



Thankfully, alongside architecture and conventional interior design, the kids’ universe has too developed throughout the years, as more and more interior designers took an interest in this faction. It’s a niche, we won’t lie, but, inside this niche, there’s a lot of hard work and talent.


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Thus being said, we’re proud to present you this incredible ebook containing our picks for the 15 BEST INTERIOR DESIGNERS FOR KIDS IN AMERICA!  In partnership with CovetED Magazine, we compilated the profile of 15 incredible talents in the game destined to fulfil the goal of this ebook – to inspire you.



Truly awe-inspiring designs from the American masters of children’s design, the works of these talented creators are incredibly recognized not only inside borders, as their influence grows day by day. From Naomi Alon to Vanessa Antonelli, Designs by Human and Carrie Livingstone, among others, this ebook delivers all the best from these top designers.



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