Art Group in Russia Creates Beautiful Settings for Kids

Art Group in Russia Creates Beautiful Settings for Kids ⇒  The architectural bureau Art Group was founded by Daria Vasilkova in 2011. The creativity of Art Group is a non-standard look, innovation and special aesthetics. Our creative team creates and implements projects of various sizes: from small apartments to private houses of more than 500 m2. Russian and international media have repeatedly noted the uniqueness of our solutions and a non-standard approach to interior design.





In each project, you can accurately recognize their individual style: finely tuned architectural framework, author’s carpentry solutions, hand-painted tiles, carpets created according to our sketches, as well as furniture from European factories combined with bright ornaments and Indonesian motifs.



Art Group – originality, courage and amazing eclecticism. In the projects created by them, there are no template solutions, each of them is individual.



Their work is aimed at creating functional and ideologically correct interiors focused on high goals: they work so that in the homes created by the team of architects, children grow up with a sense of taste and style, and couples, surrounding themselves with beauty, live in harmony.



As for the architectural branch, Art Group is a visually simple architectural framework, technically competent constructive, clean, proportional details that, when combined, form a space that can take on the lifestyle, tastes and personality of each. The houses they have created are more than just stylishly designed rooms. Rather, it is a kind of spiritual reflection of the inspiration that our customers give them. This can be called the materialization of thoughts, feelings and creative intentions.



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