Studia 54 Brings Modern Glamour to Kids Bedrooms

Studia 54 Brings Modern Glamour to Kids Bedrooms ⇒ Studia 54 is a Russian-Based interior design studio that takes the client’s lifestyle very seriously. Glamour is one of the best keywords to adjectivise the studio’s work, as their projects transpire with elegance and timelessness. The classical luxury approach is what keeps the clients faithful to the studio, as it is one of the most appreciated styles in Russia. Transport that same unique style to the kids’ spaces, and you got yourself the most elegant and glamorous combo.




The studio works to become the best international design and architecture studio. Having gathered the best specialists in their team, the studio embodies your dreams in their unique style. They grow every day in their business culture, creating a comfortable environment for your life and business.



The team is inspired and improved at international professional exhibitions and specialized events. The studio personally communicates with representatives of exclusive furniture brands and often use furniture made according to individual sketches in the projects.



Offering a unique method of working with the client and high-class service, they meet the aesthetic needs of customers. The team takes care of all worries, as they give an opportunity to be in trend, making your life better and more beautiful.



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