Project Charlotte’s Little Kingdom

Every fairytale starts with a “Once Upon a Time” and this one is no different. This magical bedroom was brought to life by Marcos Marcelino Architecture and Design by upon a whish to create a room where the little girl could feel like a real-life princess and live her highest dreams.

With our Fantasy Air Balloon, he created a themed room that invokes the romantic and whimsical ambiance of a hot air balloon ride. This enchanted bed was completely customized according to the parent's wishes and adapted to the room measures, being a one of a kind piece the little princess.
With a carefully chosen wallpaper chosen to remind us of the sky, we have our custom Fantasy Air Shelf in pink color that combines with the Fantasy Air Bookcase Limited Edition on the other side of the room. Here, Charlotte can store all of her favorite bedtime stories and have her private library. She can sit on the Elephant Stool or Cloud Bench while she reads with her family her favorite books.

We also find the one and only Magical Mirror with a TV inside where Charlotte will be taking her magical selfies. Without looking further we another set of the Fantasy Air Family.
To make it even more magical – if possible – the couple chooses our Cloud Lamps as the lighting of the nursery. With it, the parents can set a timer for the cloud to shut down or play Charlotte’s favorite lullaby making night time a lot easier and peaceful.