New Cloud Room Collection

Inspired by the critically acclaimed Pixar’s short animated film Partly Cloudy, this collection aims to reflect children’s imaginary world. With it, you can expect your child to look upon it and travel across the threshold between reality and imagination.

By creating something unique with the use of simple shapes that reminisces us to the Memphis Design Group and the 30’s Art Deco, the collection celebrates the aesthetics and the symbolism behind every piece. It stands out by its unique form and high level of design.

The Cloud Room collection aims to offer you the solution to a never-ending problem: a complete, high-quality design for a child’s bedroom. With a soft-coloured palette that ranges between taupe, blue, pink, white and crème, the collection fits perfectly in every project, house or concept. Handcrafted and hand tailored with only the noblest materials, we not only created furniture pieces, we’ve also created the beginning of a story: Your child’s story.