We want 2021 to be a wonderful year full of new design experiences and to take you on a journey where you will feel magic around and see the world and interior design with new eyes, full of unlimited options.

We end the first month of the year with the creation of three unforgettable bedrooms and an indoor playroom that is perfect for kids to entertain themselves while at home. With the use of the finest materials and custom made pieces, these kids rooms we create aim to be a space where new stories can the told and dreams will unfold.

With that in mind, Circu decided to launch a series of magical kids' bedrooms and playground designs. This is the first series of these enchanted projects that will inspire adults to achieve their kids' fantasy and create the room they wished they had when they were little. Whether it's for boys, girls, or gender-neutral rooms, we create both the most functional and creative designs, where every detail is customizable!