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Animal Theme Kids Room

Animal Theme Kids Room

Animal Theme Kids Room

Inspired by the wildness and diversity of the animal world

A safari-inspired bedroom and for every child that loves the animal planet

Designing a kid’s room is always a difficult task, especially when we are talking about a neutral room that will suit both boys and girls. This neutral design kids’ bedrooms are a major trend for this season, especially with an animal theme kids room.

Wanting to create a room where boys and girls can dream and have fun equally, CIRCU designed this animal theme kids room where animals are the best friends of the little ones ready to join them on their magical adventures. The hero of this magical adventure that is ready to join your little ones is without doubt the Mr.Bunny Bed by CIRCU.

Bunny-shaped beds are a huge trend in animal theme kids room and for sure one of the most loved designs by children. Keeping this in mind CIRCU took the idea of a bunny-shaped bed to another level by creating the Mr.Bunny Bed. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the Mr. Bunny bed promises to take your little one into a fantasy land where he/she can explore their wildest dreams while being fascinated by the beauty of nature. The Bunny bed features not only two adorable paws where kids can sit and play, but also features light in one of his ears so that kids can read their fairytale stories at night. With such special features, the Bunny bed will be your kid’s favorite spot and a best friend for life that will bring comfort and joy.

Keeping company to this luxury kids bed you can find the Giraffe Jungle Rug, which adds a pop of yellow and fun touch to this animal theme kids room. This kid’s rug was inspired by the wildness and diversity of the animal world. These little friends with very long necks promise to take any little kid on an adventure they will never forget. The use of earth tones is perfect for a safari or animal theme kids room and for every child that loves the animal planet.

In this project, you can also find other incredible luxury kids furniture pieces that help to make this animal theme kids room even more magical. On the right side, closer to the Bunny bed you can find the Hudson side table, whose modern lines and white color complement in a unique way the room decor.  With its sober design and delicate silhouette, this side table can be used in any interior setting. This magnificent side table made from solid oak, mahogany, or walnut wood adds charisma and style to any home decoration.

On the left corner, and because this animal theme kids room is all about adventure, you can find the iconic Fantasy Air 3 Drawer Chest by CIRCU. The Fantasy Air Chest is a kids’ chest of drawers inspired by the Disney movie “Up” and it is the perfect storage item for dreamy bedroom decoration. With a creative and playful design, the Fantasy Air Chest is inspired by vintage travel suitcases to reinforce the connection between children and exploring. It features 3 drawers and the decorative suitcases are piled up to provide extra storage.

For such wonderful kids room decoration, this animal theme kids room couldn’t be missed the special features of CIRCU Cloud Suspension Lamp. Cloud Lamp is a suspension lamp for kids with special features such as a sleep assistant, as well as a lighting and sound system that can be controlled by a mobile app or remote control. While playing the little ones’ favorite music and lighting effects this room will make anyone feel like they are part of a magical safari where imagination is the limit.

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