Luxury Toys: Meet the Toyota Camatte Kids’ Car

Luxury Toys: Meet the Toyota Camatte Kids’ Car ⇒ Each measuring about 2.7-meters long and 1.2-meters high, the 3-seater vehicles are designed to be customizable, with removable body panels in different colours and exchangeable lights, tires, and rear seats. The steering and braking of the car can be assisted by an adult positioned in the rear right of the car, which features adjustable pedals and seats.


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Toyota says that the idea of the Camatte is to “convey the joy and dreams of motor vehicles to current and future drivers.” There’s also a family bonding element to the concept – the three-seat, 1+2 layout lets the child take the wheel while interacting with his parents in the back. The car’s body panels can be removed, allowing children to change colours and customize the look of their cars. Toyota also says that children and families can directly handle vehicle components and gain a better understanding of how cars work.



While such a complex car for kids might seem strange, it could actually be a smart product. Studies show an increasing disconnect between young adults and driving. Just a generation ago, a car was the most exciting gift or purchase of many people’s youths. Today, kids tend to be more excited about technology like smartphones and computers.



If it were to ever see production, the Camatte concept could certainly give children more of an appreciation for the automobile and get them excited about driving from a young age. The car’s hands-on approach could give them a better understanding and comfort level in terms of maintaining, repairing and customizing their vehicle. By allowing them to actually drive in a similar manner to a traditional car, it could also take away the intimidation that comes with a teenager’s first fateful days on the road.



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