An Incredible Playroom design by the Architect Ahmed Elfarsi

An Incredible Playroom design by the Architect Ahmed Elfarsi ⇒ To design the perfect playroom for your kids is something that requires a lot of thought, planning and dedication.  There are a lot of details that you need to pay attention to besides what are the child wishes for that room.  It is an incredibly complex project as you have to go from its design to the purpose of the room, the safety measures that it has to have and ultimately, yours and the child’s wishes. But, thankfully enough, there are a couple of platforms like Behance and our Inspirations page that provide you with the perfect designs so you can get a visual idea of the design you’re chasing. Like the project we will present you below.



Designed by the Egyptian architect Ahmed Elfarsi, this fantastic playroom has everything you need to provide your kids with the perfect space for them to pursue their own adventures. You can even shop the look at the end of the article, or by clicking here!



This playroom is quite architectonic, as it has several built-in details and storage space in the walls. Pastels and cream colours dominate the design which adds a modern contemporary look to the whole room.



The cloud lamps add the fantasy the room needs, complemented with quirky furniture pieces such as the rocking horse, the dice pouffes and the round armchairs. The ball pit adjoined with tower slides is one of the biggest spotlights in this design, with their slick and modern design which manages to maintain the childish feeling.



The rock-climbing wall is perfectly placed above the ball pit, as it provides a safe and comfy fall after the climb is done. These are the details that matter in a playroom, and ones that you should most definitely pay attention to.



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