Philippe Starck Develops Chair for Kartell with A.I.

Philippe Starck Develops Chair for Kartell with A.I. ⇒ Launched at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair during Milan design week 2019, the chair was designed by Starck using prototype generative design software developed by Autodesk. The innovative process helps designers skip processes and save valuable time.




This is the first chair in production created by artificial intelligence in collaboration with human beings,” said the software company. Starck used Autodesk’s prototype software to create a strong, stable chair using minimal material, via a process that he described as “a lot like having a conversation”.



“Kartell, Autodesk and I asked the artificial intelligence a question: do you know how we can rest our bodies using the least amount of material?” Starck said. “Artificial intelligence doesn’t have culture, memories or influences and so can only respond with its ‘artificial’ intelligence. A.I. is the first chair designed outside of the human brain, outside of our habits and how we are used to thinking.”



Through inputs by Starck, the software went through a process of learning in order to create a chair that was comfortable, structurally sound, and adhered to both Kartell and Starck’s aesthetic preferences. Autodesk described the final design of the chair as a “collaboration” between Starck, Kartell and the software.



The chair is produced via injection moulding, a manufacturing technique that the software was taught about so it would take the constraints of the process into account when coming up with the design. Autodesk believes that advances in artificial intelligence and generative design tools will improve the work of designers.



“Through a collaborative relationship with artificial intelligence, humans will find their design and engineering expertise amplified, increasing our capacity for innovation and productivity,” Autodesk said, as they trailblazed this new path with Philippe Starck


Credits: Dezeen


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