Our New Graphic Lamps Meet the 2021 Pantone Color Trends!

The Graphic Lamps Collection has been quite sought out for some time. It’s uniqueness in design and detailing are one of the main features that attract design lovers and decor enthusiasts for while now. That, and their colors, of course. Colors that have matched the requirement of the most exquisite tastes. With that being said, it was only natural that this unique family would grow a couple of branches, and it came just in time for the 2021 Spring-Summer color trends. Which one is your favourite?



The palette is part of the trend forecasting for the next season published by the Pantone Color Institute for the fashion industry, specifically from the London Fashion Week. Since we all know that trends in the interiors and design often goes hand-in-hand with the fashion industry ones, here we matched Pantone’s trend forecasting with some interior inspiration.



The new spring/summer 2021 palette is characterized by colors that reflect hope and optimism, emphasizing on our desire for the pleasure and enjoyment color can bring to our lives. This is how color trends show what we predicted in our Post-Covid Trend  “Playful Thinking“, where we defined a rising trend for creative and playful spaces, as a reaction to times of constraints we are living in.  As history teach us, in fact, significant restrictions and depression periods can push creativity and fantasy beyond usual bounds.


Meet Some of the New Graphic Lamps

Letter M


An eye-catching touch to a big, bold and bright marquee letter design. A unique way of bringing a unique, colourful and cheerful touch to any exterior or interior design project. With its stunning rainbow neon effect, this versatile lighting design can be placed in the wall or on the floor. Coming with a large anti-reflective acrylic panel to protect the neons this marquee letter design has 1 meter and its handmade in acrylic and aluminum. Customizable on demand it’s also available in a mini version, this marquee letter is perfect for a fun lobby.


Letter H


H stands for handmade and for one of the most beloved typefaces hits of this collection. Modern and energetic, this letter draws attention by its standard finishes in italic, with a yellow color and black outline. Made of shiny stainless steel and shining with 17 bulbs, this marquee letter design is available for colour customization and in a mini version! And its also able to put into your floor or your sleek wall. Made only for your interiors.


Letter G


Greatness is achieved by having the right lighting design at the right time. That’s why this marquee letter marks the era of greatness. Waking up the senses, this handmade graphic letter has a height of 1 meter with 100 x 100 x 20 cm and 39.4 x 39 x 7.9 in. Place it inside or outsider, and it will look amazing either way. Go for the Graphic Letter G for the mini version or the big one! Available to put on the floor or the wall, this grandiose LED lamp will certainly fit like a glove.


Letter P


Handmade in aluminum, stainless steel and acrylic, the letter P stands for priceless. By adding the white LED lights with the red colours in the body of the marquee letter design will make your interior or exterior design project a one of a kind, either if you place it on a wall or on the floor. With a height of 1 meter, this lamp can be customizable on demand and its available on a mini version. The perfect way of getting originality, glamour, and softness in your space, whether it’s inside or outside.


Meet the Full collection here!


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