Modern Kids Bedroom in Home design with Coffee-Infused Colours

N-Team Design created a unique project in Kyiv, Ukraine. Deeply infused in coffee shades, this project called ”Mocco” creates a sense of home and comfort in a rather cold metropolis such as the Ukrainian capital. These warm tones match perfectly with the wooden details placed all over the house, where the solo color pops can be found in the children’s bedrooms.



The boy’s bedroom primes for its mix of youthfulness and maturity at the same time, a bedroom where the child can grow with. A big world map is placed on the wall atop of the kids study, to inspire the child’s dreams about the world and to motivate him to find out more about the world we live in and the cultures that in it live.



The chair on the desk is one of the much-needed color pops in this bedroom set. Its round, fluffy shapes add youthfulness to the design while being a piece of furniture that can be used by the child in its teen years.



The modular bed pries in this design by its functionality. Atop of it, there is a youthful wall with graphic lamps to add some more fantasy to the bedroom.



The girl’s bedroom, on the other hand, is way more childish than the boy’s. The colour palette is way more feminine and distinct from the remaining project. The bedroom’s theme relies upon the clouds, where a cloud-shaped lamp takes all the focus to itself. The study area is very similar to the boy’s bedroom, as it has the same chair but in a different, more feminine color.


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