Kids Furniture Ideas: Tink Things and Its Sensorial Design Approach

Kids Furniture Ideas: Tink Things and Its Sensorial Design Approach – Furniture brand Tink Things is on a mission to revolutionize kids’ surroundings so they’re more fun and supportive for all. Considering different ways children interact with the environment is used as a starting point for designing furniture that is more attuned to children’s sensory needs. the idea of the new chairs is to create a more dynamic, encouraging and enjoyable spaces for kids that are truly inclusive.


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Photo by Victoria Askerow


From the earliest childhood, throughout growing up and adulthood – physical movement and good sensory integration are crucial for development, learning and well being. Accompanied by a positive emotional environment, movement plays a very important role in creating a nerve cell network that is the fundamental basis of learning. Kids are sensory intelligent when they’re effectively filtering and processing internal and external stimuli. Sensory integration entails a whole spectrum of processes that serve as building blocks for growth, development and overall learning.


Photo by Misha Obradovic


Children differ in their ability to process and respond to sensory stimuli within an environment while engaging in activities. One child may have difficulty sitting still during group time, while another may move little during free play outside. They react in different ways because each child integrates the information obtained through their senses from the environment differently.


Photo by Misha Obradovic


Ika swing chair


Photo by Marija Gasparovic


Ika’s non-fixed seat not only allows kids to move, but encourages constant rocking and bouncing. This has been proven to act calmingly & help with concentration. Ika is fun, but what’s even more important, it supports kids when they need a little boost or a moment to enjoy some playful fidgeting.


Photo by Marija Gasparovic


Mia hoodie chair


Photo by Marija Gasparovic


Mia’s fabric seat is fun and charming. It hugs kids and offers mild deep-pressure soothing which boosts serotonin levels and helps with stress. What’s more, if the child feels overwhelmed, he can pull up the cocoon and partly isolate himself, hoodie style.


Photo by Marija Gasparovic


Source: Tink Things


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