Kids Bedroom Trends – Smooth it up with Soft Velvet

Kids Bedroom Trends – Smooth it up with Soft Velvet ⇒ Velvet’s enjoying a huge revival in 2019. In fact, it’s currently the most searched for fabric. Once seen as old-fashioned and stuffy, velvet’s now available in a range of vibrant colours and patterns to suit any taste. Velvet’s taking centre stage in the recent trend for retro interiors with a modern twist. But it’s also versatile enough to add a touch of glamour to any décor style. Once tacky and old-fashioned, velvet has encountered a whole new life in 2019 and started to be used in a whole lot of new things. And kids bedrooms are no exception.




Velvet’s a real treat for the senses because of it both looks and feels luxurious. This tactile fabric can be used everywhere, from upholstery to soft furnishings and even lighting. Adding plush velvets to your home is a budget-friendly way to create luxury and comfort. On kids bedrooms, we suggest you pick pastel and soft shades like soft pink or blue.


Pieces we Suggest

Cloud Bed




Its cloud-shaped form is only one of the details that make this piece whimsical and a perfect item for any bedroom. Every detail was made thinking about the comfort and well being of children. Bedtime stories and magical dreams are a certainty in this piece.

With this bed, your little one will feel like he is up in the clouds.


Animal Stools



The Animal Stools collection owns an exclusive design that promises to awaken children’s friendship with animals.

When it comes to children’s interiors, these stools introduce a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young. This stools series allows parents to choose the animal their kids like the most, being possible to choose from bird, shark and elephant.


Booboo Suspension Sofa



Inspired by the Lewis Carrol’s masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland, the Booboo swing is here to exponentially upgrade your kid’s bedroom design. The suspended version of this delicate and luxurious sofa makes it easy to add to any décor or theme.

The Booboo Swing Suspension is the ultimate modern sofa for your kids’ room that combines both luxury and comfort in the most adorable way possible. The sofa’s gentle motion will provide you and your children with absolute relaxation, making it the perfect spot to make new memories.


Cloud Sofa



Inspired by Pixar’s short-film, this sofa has a cloud-shaped form and its the perfect item for any bedroom and any other division.

Breaking the barrier, this piece is both beautiful and comfortable. Every detail of this piece brings a touch of magic to any room and creates an illusion and sensation of levity in anyone who tries it.

Time to Chase the Clouds in Your Own Bedroom
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