Kids Bedroom Trends 2019 – Dusky Blue

Kids Bedroom Trends 2019Dusky Blue ⇒ This colour combo is made to calm, but, not in the put-you-to-bed kind of way. If you’re not into using yellows to accent the dusk blue, keep those windows uncovered and open! That’s the feel we’re going for in this scheme anyway. Dusky blue is the colour of the hour, and it won’t make you feel blue at all.


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Kids Bedroom Trends 2019 - Dusky Blue


Dusk Blue blends blue’s tranquil stability with green’s optimism and healing properties. This lighter tone is the shade of restfulness and mental and spiritual balance. This calm colour has an understated elegance that encourages a calm, reflective mood.


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Sky One Plane


Kids Bedroom Trends 2019 - Dusky Blue


The Sky One Plane is an aeroplane themed kids bed with a playful design that it’s both didactic and fun. An aeroplane inspired decoration for kids’ rooms is perfect to encourage the little explorers to develop their creativity. This aeroplane shaped kids bed is inspired by the Disney movie “Planes” character Skipper, an iconic Navy Corsair aircraft, providing this way both a modern and vintage motif to the bed.

Bun Van 


Kids Bedroom Trends 2019 - Dusky Blue

Bun Van is a unique kids bed inspired by the iconic 60’s camper van Fillmore from the Disney movie “Cars”. Is perfect to bring a total experience of fun and play to the children’s rooms. With the Bun Van, bedtime will be like an adventurous road trip. The exterior is produced in fibreglass with chrome-plated finishes and the inside is made of palisander wood veneer, containing several storage compartments, a bed, a TV, desk, mini bar and a sofa. It is a complete bedroom set for a children’s space.


Diana Table Lamp


Kids Bedroom Trends 2019 - Dusky Blue

Diana is a vintage table lamp inspired by some of the greatest design classics of the mid-century era. It is a handmade lamp built with materials such as brass and aluminium. Brass was used on the body, whilst aluminium was chosen for the shade. The aluminium shade is lacquered a glossy red on the outside and matte white on the inside, while for the body a nickel-plated finish was chosen.


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