Katz Studio Creates Some Really Dreamy Interiors

Katz Studio Creates Some Really Dreamy Interiors ⇒ Katz has a 10-year heritage of delivering exceptional results within the luxury real estate sector and their wealth of experience continues to grow through prime residential projects and select hospitality or retail projects. Born out of a philosophy and experience of its founders Dmitry Holomyov and Stan Katz, the practice has grown into one of the most successful companies in its field.


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 Katz’s designs are born from a respect for architecture and an appreciation of historic structures and a belief that design really is in the details. Over the past years, they have built up an unparalleled team of professional consultants, specialist manufacturers, craftsmen and artists who work with us to complete projects to the smallest detail.



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Their studio specializes in bespoke furniture to make your design truly unique. They have forged strong links with a network of the finest artists, craftsmen and manufacturers worldwide who are dedicated to innovation and quality. The studio commissions sought after editions and unique pieces but are also experienced at working to a commercial structure with the best and most competitive workshops globally.



Lighting is one of the most crucial components of their designs. By developing special lighting schemes they are able to create sexy and ambient environments in their projects.




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Get High in the Sky With the Fantasy Air Collection!


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