Inna Azorskaya’s Amazing Kids Bedroom with Private Bathroom

The Inna Zorkaya Interior Design and Architecture Bureau has been working on incredible projects for over 10 years now. During this time, the designer has created over than a dozen architectural projects and hundreds of unique interior projects. The bureau’s office’s projects have all a common detail- they reflect the owners’ aspirations and life goals.



The setting is created around the bed, as the cat-shaped headboard takes the center stage. The deep colours found in the headboard and the floral wallcovering behind it create a strong and rich contrast with the neutral shades used in the majority of the room. Storage space was created in the most ingenious way possible, as it forms a frame around the bed which doesn’t consume a lot of the bedroom’s space.



A circular nightstand is placed close to the bed, which following its curved lines creating harmony between the two pieces and the overall design. A geometrically patterned rug is placed under the bed as a nod to classicism. The tall curtains match the wallcovering, creating even more harmony in the design.



A modern desk is placed in the kids’ study with a comfortable, texture-rich chair with golden accents. The soft-violet cabinets create a youthful and modern vibe with the hardware nodding again to classicism.



The private bathroom keeps the youthful and feminine vibe that the bedroom has previously set. A soft, pastel shade is used in the backsplash and a modern, oblong mirror with lighting is set as the featured piece.

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