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Princess Girls’ Room For Three Sisters

Princess Girls' Room For Three Sisters

Princess Girls’ Room For Three Sisters

Fall in love with this pink and princess girls’ room!

Pink interiors have something special and lovely about them, right? Aya Amer designed a dream-shared girls’ room that will meet every child’s dreams.

With three cozy and adorable kids’ beds in shades of pink, this sleeping area is perfect for a great night of sleep and bedtime stories. The pillows and the animal cuddly give a special touch to the girls’ room, making him look even more magical. The rug in a neutral tone and modern design finishes really well the girls’ room design and the suspension lamp gives a classic touch to the space.

To create an adorable girls’ room for your kids inspired by this interior design, here you have some kids’ furniture options by Circu Magical Furniture. The Cloud Bed is the perfect piece for any kid’s bedroom. Its cloud-shaped form is only one of the details that make this piece whimsical and a perfect item for any bedroom. With this bed, your little one will feel like he is up in the clouds.

Combined with the bed, you can use the Little Cloud Nightstand, a kids’ furniture product inspired by Pixar’s Short film “Partly Cloudy” and it is the perfect storage item for dreamy bedroom decoration. With a creative and playful design, this nightstand resembles clouds and portrays children’s imagination.

Also, for a more cozy touch, the Cloud Rug is the perfect choice to give your girls’ room a warm and comfortable feeling. Every little girl dreams about their wonderland and this rug is the ultimate decor piece to complete such a magical place.

Princess Girls' Room For Three Sisters

Beyond the sleeping area, we can find an adorable play and learn area. With adorable desks and a dressing table, this girls’ room looks absolutely a dream come true. The two desks and their chairs have a modern classic design in shades of pink, white, and gold. In the center of the two desks, we can see a white modern dressing table with a sweet pink puff. Also, we can see a flower wallpaper and some shelves that give the perfect finish to the kids’ bedroom design.

The Cloud Desk is the ideal item for a magical girls’ room inspired by this interior design. Its original cloud-shaped form has unique details that were specially made to make homework feel like a magical adventure. The curved shapes of the desk will highlight even more the beauty of your kids’ room and increase their imagination. With its compartments, this desk will provide the perfect storage for all of your kid’s materials.

To use with the desk, the Little Bunny Chair is an amazing choice. Inspired by the iconic character Bugs Bunny and is here to add more fun to your girls’ room. With its shaped ears design combined with its translucid acrylic legs, this kid’s chair will be a fun featured to add to your kids’ room.

To the play area, the Cloud Vanity Console is the ideal dressing table for a magical-inspired bedroom. Its original cloud-shaped form has unique details that were specially made to make little girls feel like true princesses living in a fairytale. Also, to combine with this piece, the Elephant Stool is the perfect option for your girls’ room. This piece has an exclusive design that promises to awaken children’s friendship with animals. This children’s stool introduces a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young.


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