Eclectic Nursery Room With Rich Patterns and Pink Color Pops


This unique nursery room shows a perfect example of how to use Eclectic style on a kids room without being too much. Rich patterns and pink color pops are the main features at play

Recognized for his use of bright, bold patterns and colors in home décor, Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr. seeks to show that although interior design is considered a luxury service, it can be attainable to everyone.

This unique nursery room by Don Ricardo doesn’t stray away from his signature, which fits perfectly the art of decorating a child’s space. The walls have a unique, mid-century style wall covering in black and white, which sets the mood of a monochromatic setting. Although it might seem like a stretch, this nod to the past matches perfectly with the more modern elements in the nursery, such as the acrylic crib and the rug, which has a soft pink color pop.

The stool and the armchair are some other key features on this nursery room, as they add more color and comfort to the design. The modern, sleek lines of these pieces contrast with the Gatsby-esque floor lamp and ceiling lamp, which turn the nursery room more eclectic and youthful at the same time. The floor lamp also adds some feminity to the nursery room.

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