Design the Perfect Study Area with this Unique Kids Desk


Create the perfect study area with the right kids desk and chair set. The sleek modern design with exclusive finishings and functionality of the right kids desk storage, like the Dream Desk, will instantly upgrade any decor, as you can see in this project above.


Designed by Victoria Luzhetskaya this princess themed bedroom décor was thought out with a more retro, Victorian vibe with a few modern accents. With touches of pink and gold accents, the room represents a classic elegance of the bed combined with the modern touch of our Dream Desk.

When we enter this room, e immediately get transported to a Malibu, beach-front residence, just like we see in ’90s and early ‘2000s Californian movies. The soft, lacquered princess-pink finishing on the Dream Desk, contrasting with the huge French windows and soft coloured walls provide the West-Coast feeling to the design. The faux fur kids desk chair provides the comfort needed for hours and hours of study, without compromising with the room’s style. The Dream Desk’s round shapes and minimalist contours make it the perfect addition to those of you seeking for a modern design.

The soft pink bench placed against the wall adds more seating solutions to the setting, providing the child with the perfect nook to listen to her music for hours to come. Its circular design gives a special comfort, one that is impossible to get with smoother ones.

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