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An Elegant Bedroom Design for a Little Girl by Artis Interiors

An Elegant Bedroom Design for a Little Girl by Artis Interiors

An Elegant Bedroom Design for a Little Girl by Artis Interiors with a unique bed and beautiful furniture.

Anna Gynzhu and Katerina Sheverdova, sisters and creators of Artis Interiors, together with their team projected this elegant bedroom design for a little girl using adorable pieces of furniture and soft pink tones.
Based in Russia, an outstanding stage for luxury interior design, the studio has been producing top-tier work for more than 5 years.

For them, design is a creative process and the art of creating author’s interiors for each client, says Anna Gynzhu, founder, architect, and designer.

The studio creates beautiful and harmonious interiors and all projects envision in bringing to life the character that each customer wants to live in. Anna also mentions that in this process of work, they love to work out the details and to bring every single aspect into what is considered perfection.

In this field, and when creating luxurious kids’ interiors, it is important that each client has the desired interior of their dreams, and Artis Interiors always makes sure that their clients know that each space has been created especially for them, embodying their inner feelings and desires.


An Elegant Bedroom Design for a Little Girl by Artis Interiors

For this bedroom, the designing team chose a unique bed with an adorable bear-shaped headboard. The soft pink tones combined with the colorful wallpaper and the metallic details in the bedsite tables, give it an extra touch of luxury without becoming too overwhelming.

For the lighting, in this bedroom, the combination of the lighting fixtures provides the space with a harmonious and luxurious environment. Next to the bed, in the sleeping area, we can see two suspension lamps aligned with two wall lamps with simple lines. We can also see a beautiful ceiling lamp that looks luxurious overbearing the space with light.

The designers also chose to create a study area in this bedroom which includes a built-in desk, with the versatility to become a beauty space, and lots of storage corners. This area in the bedroom uses also a lot of details in the same soft pink tone, that matches the general decor of the room perfectly.

With passion and love for every project in which they work in, Artis Interiors continues to project and design wonderful spaces and projects like this elegant bedroom design.

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