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An Adorable Shared Bedroom for two little girls by Innaa Zorskaya

An Adorable Shared Bedroom for two little girls by Innaa Zorskaya

An Adorable Shared Bedroom for two little girls by Innaa Zorskaya.

A Bedroom Design that embodies the theme of a Magical Forest and the world of adventures.

Russia is a center stage filled with talent in the interior design industry. As an example of this excellence, especially when it comes to luxurious interiors, Inna Azorskaya is a name to look out for. An experienced voice and the studio’s portfolio, including this adorable shared bedroom, which is a perfect proof of that.

The Inna Zorkaya Interior Design and Architecture Bureau has been working on incredible projects for over 10 years now. The designer has created several architectural projects and hundreds of unique interior design projects.

Inna Zorskaya takes every project and work as a challenging task since clients often can’t express their wishes and aspirations. Thus, Inna and her team try to always connect with the customers in order to get the maximum information and inspiration from the clients, so they can deliver to them the exact idea they had, but which they haven’t been able to express or to realize it.

An Adorable Shared Bedroom for two little girls by Innaa Zorskaya

For this project, Inna Zorskaya and her design team chose the combination of soft pink and blue tones with classic and simple pieces. All together with the white elegant furniture, it gives out a luxurious look to this beautiful bedroom.

Next to the bed, we can spot two adorable small stools that match perfectly with the overall theme of this bedroom. The designing team also included a study area that catches a lot of natural light since it’s next to a window, a very important aspect when projecting a study space. For lighting, the designing team chose adorable pieces that create a soft but modern environment in the bedroom such as the lamps hanging from the ceiling that remind us of small balloons and the two suspension lamps on the side of the bed.

The designing team also accomplished to make this adorable shared bedroom have an extra touch of comfort by its seating elements like the pink fluffy couch. In a job plundered with feelings and emotions, Inna Zorskaia distances herself and her whole team by the ability to understand the client’s needs without much trouble.
Once again their values and excellence as a team are proven by their incredible works and their ability to deliver unique projects.


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