A Playground-Like House in China by Wonder Architects

A Playground-Like House in China by Wonder Architects ⇒  Houheilongmiao Village is located at the bottom of Haiying Mountain in Yanqing, Beijing, with green sorghum fields in summer and frozen water-filled woods in winter. It is full of the tranquillity, soothing and bleak which are unique to the northern countryside. Here are cicadas, fog, red brick houses and the blue sky in late autumn. Abandoning the poetic imagination of classical painting, it is like a daily scene that is full of tension in contemporary realist oil painting.

Text written  by the architects 




“The end of history is the beginning of memory” (Aldo Rossi). This house built in the 1980s was originally used as a wedding room. Even if it has been ruined, it still exudes the happiness of that time and then accepts long bits of wear and tear of years. The last part of the life history of the northern countryside ended with the urbanization process accompanied by new technology media. Young people entered the county or urban areas for employment, and their houses became vacant. As a result, the village update restarted as a guest house, waiting to be deconstructed.



The three-story brick house and its front yard form a 183-square-meter site. The flat-tile roof, red brick drywall surface, and light green window frame are a kind of gift from the base. The potential richness needs special interpretation: “Even after the garden disappears for a long time, the planted plants will bear fruit. (Sebastien Marot). “



The first is the interaction of the new and old houses. The village’s traditional sloping roof form and intimate dimensions have become invisible memories, which continue in the design. The intersecting positions of the two north and south rooms form a “mutual” occlusal space. In order to enlarge the original experiencing interior space experience, the new house on the south side was dug down, and people entered the north room through the rising stairs, which seemed redundant. The “design action” makes the space come alive as the height changes, and the cave-like living experience is born.



Regarding the expression of “interaction” of materials, we hope to continue the memory of the red brick and green window. Tiles, common building material in the North China countryside, expressing the villagers ’simple needs for cleanliness. We don’t want to deliberately expose the real building materials in order to ‘construct’ the desire, nor do we want to sing the populous big white tiles like populist, The ceramic tile was selected as the skin of the south house, and the tile green and brick red formed a “vulgar” contrasting colour, but filled with the fiery texture of life.



We suggest



The beautiful illusion is created by the use of the translucid acrylic that gives the feeling of suspension on the air. Besides being a place where kids can play and study, the surface of the table also allows kids to draw with chalk and have way more fun. It also features a pencil cup where kids can store and organize their paint and study supplies.


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