A Luxurious Apartment in Kyiv with a Modern Kids Bedroom

A Luxurious Apartment in Kyiv with a Modern Kids Bedroom


A modern kids bedroom suited to fulfil the dreams of a young astronaut. Modern accents contrast with mid-century details in this setting, where fantasy reigns over.


This modern and luxurious project is brought to us by the Design Studio of the designer Yuriy Zimenko who founded the company more than fifteen years ago in Kyiv. This Design Project was built for a young family who lives in the city of Kyiv. The main goal of the designer was to surprise everyone in the family, especially the couple’s only son who whished for a very creative and unique bedroom.

For this very special project, the designer chose our Rocky Rocket to be apart of this little boy’s dream and to transform the room into a true space where the moon and the stars were the perfect matches. By combining our Rocky Rocket with our Moon Rug, the designer was able to bring this child’s dream into reality by making him feel like he is exploring the infinity of the universe.

The Rocky Rocket‘s interactiveness was the perfect addition in this bedroom. Its inbuilt RGB light adds all the colours the space needs, as the overall colour palette relies on neutral colours. The contrasting lacquered red also works wonders in this bedroom, as it adds a cartoonish vibe to the design.

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