X+Living Studio Created The Parents-Child Pool of Your Dreams

X+Living Studio Created The Parents-Child Pool of Your Dreams ⇒ X+Living, founded in 2011 by Chinese architect Li Xiang, is an international architectural design company with a high pursuit of the perfect integration of artistic aesthetics and practical functions. X+Living takes"design creates value" as the core concept and insists on achieving the highest quality of design works from conceptual design to final completion. The projects, which has involved many fields of business, including parent-child, hotel, office, retail, culture, commerce, etc, had always driven the trend of the industry with high-level design confections and triggered enthusiastic feedback at the phenomenal level in the design industry.


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Credits: X+Living


The combination of service-oriented business with new business forms is a trend. The designer experimentally integrates the subsidiary functions of the project with main business, re-optimizes the main functions of parent-child sports training, and builds the project into a comprehensive space for swimming and sports education, integrating entertainment and leisure.


Credits: X+Living


The entire parent-child swim club is divided into five main functional areas and some auxiliary functional areas, all of which are centred around the behavioural habits of its target audience.


Credits: X+Living


In order to break the limitation of the spatial floor plan, the designer has worked out a streamlined flow after fully considering the user habits and potential behaviours of different target groups, so that adults, children and infants could all enjoy its caring service on this line.


Credits: X+Living


The entire parent-child swimming pool uses a gentle colour sense and does not distinguish colour in gender intentionally. The black thin-line adds a bit of avant-garde fashion to the overall space. Meanwhile, it also achieves the spatial aesthetic in terms of composition.


Credits: X+Living


The different sizes of ratio, from two centimetres of arched laces to three meters of arched doors, constitute the aesthetic proportional logic of the space. In order to create an intrusive dreamy experience, design without accent lighting is used, which motivates people to explore every corner in the space. The design thinking of the space is closely centred on the water element. Water is extremely light and soft and has infinite tolerance for life.


Credits: X+Living


To keep such a softness embedded in the heart, the combination of design elements in the space will be as natural as the flowing water.


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