The Most Adorable Amigurumi Patterns Ideas

Crochet lovers are constantly looking for new designs and ideas to copy, so we gathered the most adorable amigurumi patterns ideas to inspire you today!

Amigurumi is a term that covers the original and fun DIY trend of crocheting and knitting stuffed toys, people or even inanimate objects. There are no limits to what you can do and create! Take a look at this unique way of creating personalized toys for children and get inspired by our selection!


Inspired by the iconic Bun Van from the 60’s, this Amigurumi is a stuffed car toy ideal for a make-believe car ride.

This adorable yellow plane with puppy eyes is inspired by the iconic character LeadBottom from the Disney movie “Planes”, just like the unique Sky B Plane bed.

This stuffed bear is ready to travel around the world in an adventurous Hot Air Balloon ride!

The connection between kids and nature is translated by their fascination by wild animals, like for instance this adorable crochet toy monkey.

For the last inspiration for amigurumi pattern ideas, we took crochet to another level. Take a look at this kid’s size Rocky Rocket all made in knitting work! We can imagine that this little boy is heading for hours and hours of fun!

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