Playful Learning Corridors by ZMIK Design Studio

Playful Learning Corridors by ZMIK Design Studio ⇒ ZMIK has formed itself to create independent, precise and unique spatial environments. As a studio for spatial design, they design spaces and conceive spatial strategies and actions. The studio operates on the fringes of different disciplines such as interior design, scenography, architecture, object design and installation in order to develop holistic solutions from their overlapping.



Since 2006 ZMIK realizes projects for cultural institutions and private companies. The projects range from shops, brand worlds and exhibition designs to temporary architectures and conversions. The focus is on identity, individuality and communication in space.


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New forms of teaching demand new spatial structures and participation. At St. Johann Primary School, they have redesigned the three main corridors into a variety of places to study and stay. In a participatory process, pupils and teachers developed ideas and wishes as to the basis for the project. The studio has further developed the approaches and integrated them into the historical inventory. The result is a pioneer for new learning.



A cave and high seat invite you to retreat. Different work surfaces are suitable for individual and group work. Slide, balancing paths and jumping balls strengthen the concept of “moving lessons”, and the lounge and alcove serve as meeting and reading venues. Spacious wardrobes border the islands towards the corridor.



Terraced learning landscapes are positioned along the window side of the corridors, hidden behind zigzagging slatted structures. The recreational areas occupy the open central-space between the two opposing cloakrooms and learning landscapes.



The space also includes imaginative areas for privacy such as a cave-like cubbyhole room with a curtain and desk spaces for group and individual working.


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