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Luxury Girls Bedroom by We Wnętrzu

Luxury Girls Bedroom by We Wnętrzu

A Blossom Fairytale where dreams take place

Luxury Girls Bedroom by We Wnętrzu

Project designed by We Wnętrzu: | @wewnetrzu

Imagination is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to designing kids’ bedrooms. Aiming for new limits CIRCU partner up with Poland’s top designers We Wnętrzu, for the creation of a magical place where new fairytales will blossom and new dreams will take place.

Featuring the CIRCU Bubble Gum Collection this girls room will shine brighter even when the sun goes down and the daylights start to fade.

The fun shapes of the collection combined with its LED features and the gold accents on the room will make you feel like you enter a wonderland and that a whimsical adventure is ready to start as you unveil all the details of this luxurious design.

To make every sleep time into the most wonderful time We Wnętrzu picked our magical Bubble Gum Bed. With its curved shapes combined with LED features, this playful bed is the standout piece of this luxury girls bedroom and full sure turn any dark night into a colorful time.

Luxury Girls Bedroom by We Wnętrzu 1

On the sides and to give all the extra storage any kids room needs We Wnętrzu picked the Cloud Nightstand by CIRCU in white color and with a special twist by adding metal legs instead of the usual acrylic legs.

The simplicity of this piece perfectly matches with the simple and soft Cloud Rug on the bottom and contrasts with the velvet pink color of the bed and nature’s inspired wallpaper of these luxury girls bedroom.

And with lots of imagination, creativity, and experience We Wnętrzu created a magical luxury girls bedroom where new fairytales will blossom and new dreams will take place.

 Luxury Girls Bedroom by We Wnętrzu CIRCU CATALOG

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