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Luxury Boy’s Bedroom Design with the most Elegant Pieces of Furniture

Luxury Boy's Bedroom Design with the most Elegant Pieces of Furniture

Luxury Boy’s Bedroom Design with the most Elegant Pieces of Furniture and the most unique decor.

This Luxury Boy’s Bedroom features some of the most elegant and modern pieces of furniture from Circu, in order to create the perfect space in which a kid can grow due to its versatility.

As the perfect spot for comfort and luxury, the bed that was chosen for this beautiful sleeping area was the Cloud Bed. Its cloud-shaped form is only one of the details that make this piece whimsical and a perfect item for any bedroom. Every detail was made thinking about the comfort and well being of children. Bedtime stories and magical dreams are a certainty in this piece. With this bed, your little one will feel like he is up in the clouds.

Next to it, as the perfect and elegant storage item, we can spot the Cloud NightStand, a kids’ furniture product inspired by Pixar’s Short film “Party Cloud” and it is the perfect storage item for dreamy bedroom decoration. With a creative and playful design, It features 1 drawer and a decorative suitcase to provides extra storage to the kid’s rooms.

The Diana Table Lamp is the perfect lighting piece to complement that elegant design brought by the Cloud Collection. Diana is a vintage table lamp inspired by some of the greatest design classics of the mid-century era. It is a handmade lamp built with materials such as brass and aluminium.

As a beautiful complement for this sleeping space, under the bed, we can spot the amazing Moon Rug, the ideal piece for a little astronaut or an adventurous kids room. It can be used as a spot for fun and play and also to bring a warm decoration to the space. And as a storage piece, it features the Gold Toy Box, a luxurious kids’ toy box inspired by the fine gold bar shape. Inspired by the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world. With gold leaf finishes, this chest features a rotating cover and a secret compartment, for the most treasured kids’ goods.

This bedroom also includes a fantastic study area with the most wonderful and versatile pieces such as the Puzzled Bookcase Desk. Inspired by geometric spaces and with the drive and passion to create a piece where kids can explore their imagination and allow their dreams to get out of the box, this magical bookcase will adapt itself to any project design so you can enjoy fullest the space of your room without comprising the style of your decor. Next to it, we can spot the most adorable stool that matches perfectly with the general decor of the space. The Shark Stool has an exclusive design that promises to awaken children’s friendship with animals. This children’s stool introduces a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young.

All together these wonderful pieces match perfectly in a way that this Luxury Boy’s Bedroom has both the comfort and the luxury present in its design.

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