Little Crown Interiors’ Amazing Minimalist Nursery Project

Little Crown Interiors’ Amazing Minimalist Nursery Project ⇒ Little Crown Interiors was founded in 2008 by designer and artist, Naomi Alon.  She created her design studio with a focus on nurseries and child spaces after seeing this specialized skill missing from other firms.  Bringing together beauty, functionality and safety, Naomi believes in creating spaces for her clients that are unique, intentional and curated.




This blush girl’s nursery was designed for a client in Los Angeles, CA.  The home was modern and the nursery had high ceilings, white walls and was the perfect canvas for a complete redesign.  The main inspiration for this project was a set of gorgeous photography the client had taken of her daughter in hues of pale blush pink, green and gold.



The colour scheme for the nursery was pulled from the family photographs in blush pink, pale green, white and gold.



A large-scale removable floral wallpaper serves as the foundation of the design, and other floral elements were brought throughout the space for balance.



The nursery furniture is modern, sleek and glamorous with gold detailing on the feet.



blush pink glider was custom made with tufting and durable fabric, and blackout curtains hang alongside sheer curtains for maximum flexibility.



Get The Blushy Pink Look With the Cloud Collection!



Inspired by the critically acclaimed Pixar’s short animated film Partly Cloudy, this collection aims to reflect children’s imaginary world. With it, you can expect your child to look upon it and travel across the threshold between reality and imagination. By creating something unique with the use of simple shapes that reminisces us to the Memphis Design Group and the 30’s Art Deco, the collection celebrates the aesthetics and the symbolism behind every piece. It stands out by its unique form and high level of design.

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