Kindo Shop for Little Ones in Mexico by Anagrama

Kindo Shop for Little Ones in Mexico by Anagrama Kindo is an exclusive boutique for kids’ clothing and accessories in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey, Mexico. The goal was to create a shopping experience that stood out among the rest so it could be an interesting space. The Studio’s solution was to merge aesthetics, form and function into one simple element.



Anagram found inspiration in a timeless didactic toy called “bead maze”, this toy is made up of geometric shapes, and uses simple figures as its base, which are moved along coloured pipes. Kindo’s colour palette attempts to reflect a child’s personality, using a wide range of bright pastel and neon colours.



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The brand is a mix of the classic and the new, they wanted to create a functional circulation flow that leads the shoppers through the tangled maze. The challenge was to give orders while still maintaining a fun dynamic aesthetic throughout the interior design. Anagram used galvanised steel pipes, wood, and fibreglass to build a functional and organized sales display that classified clothing according to gender, accessories, shoes, and toys. This created a way for adults and children to resonate with this classic toy blown up to human scale proportions allowing them to interact with it in a fun and unexpected shopping experience.



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