Incredible Lights Landscape from INTERSECT by LEXUS

Incredible Lights Landscape from INTERSECT by LEXUS INTERSECT by LEXUS presents winter glow, a live floral and light installation designed by celebrity florist Jeff Leatham. Comprised of LED lights and flower stems, the installation provides a festive experience for the upcoming holiday season. located at the heart of meatpacking district, the creative space will be open to the public until January 5, 2020. This marks Leatham’s second exhibition at the venue — back in April 2019, the artist exhibited ‘reflective nature’.


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The immersive seasonal exhibit features 20,000 flower stems rooting down from the ceiling, along with 135,000 LED lights in warm white. In the middle of the exhibition, visitors find two artificial ponds with a golden geometric reindeer model on each; one is laying down and the other is standing up. Bouquets of white flowers can also be found spread across the gallery space and along the edges of the ponds.



INTERSECT by LEXUS calls upon creatives to collaborate on experiential programming that engages with the building, community and five core pillars – culinary, design, entertainment, hospitality, and technology. Designed by Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall, the new york branch opened up in late 2018 and is the third of its kind, followed by branches in Tokyo and Dubai. Previously, INTERSECT by LEXUS has also hosted the artwork, SWAY by Snarkitecture.



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