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Elegant Bedroom for a Girl by Viktor Viden

Elegant Bedroom for a Girl by Viktor Viden

An Elegant Bedroom for a Girl by Viktor Viden in two soft colours that will inspire the creation of the most luxurious spaces.

Viktor Viden is a specialist when it comes to wallpaper installations that turn simple bedrooms into elegant and luxurious spaces. Previous works of his have shown that by simply adding a colourful or fun wallpaper, these bedrooms with clean and simple lines look totally different and very high-end.

As a father of a girl himself he also understands exactly what are the needs of girls bedrooms and how to turn their vision into reality with his work.

Kids interiors are never an easy task, especially high-end projects, but Viktor has shown again how his works are en example of excellence in this field.


Elegant Bedroom for a Girl by Viktor Viden

This Beautiful bedroom is presented in two different perspectives, as well as two different colours, the soft-toned pink and the light baby blue. A big luxurious bed is on one of the corners of this room, accompanied by super elegant lighting pieces such as a round suspension lamp, and a nightstand lamp in the same style.

This project also includes a study area near the window, which is perfect for the matter since it can catch the most amount of natural light, and this furniture is very much in the style of the other pieces. A beautiful and simple desk matches the environment of the whole room in itself.

This bedroom and the matching wallpaper were projected in two different ways, however, both the pink and the blue versions are so incredibly beautiful and a big inspiration for an Elegant Bedroom for girls, not only when they’re little but it is also a room they can grow into.

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