Download for Free the Best Interior Designers in Paris Ebook

Download for Free the Best Interior Designers in Paris Ebook ⇒ Paris, the City of Lights is also de city of design! The French Capital is also known worldwide as the Design Capital of Europe, a title that fits it perfectly due to the incredible amount of creativity and design passion that flows through the Parisian streets, neighbourhoods, and landmarks!








Home to some of the most illustrious institutions and tradeshows of the world of design, this amazing city is also home to some of the most spectacular, exquisite, prolific and passionate designers and architects of the planet. To honour some of these amazing designers we’ve created a stunning and inspirational Ebook featuring 25 of the Best Interior Designers of Paris!



The many institutions’ personalities and events of Paris have been inspiring worldwide designers for decades. We can say that the beautiful city of Paris is much more than just a creative hub for design, it’s also a design lifestyle and inspiration all on its own.



It’s because of its beauty and powerful sense of creativity that Paris is home to some of the most spectacular designers of the world like Jean Louis Deniot, Charles Zana or CM Studio Paris. Check out a preview of the Ebook below!


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